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craftsmanship + design + performance

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What we Build

We build new, luxury custom homes in Austin, Texas. We maintain an unrelenting focus on craftsmanship, design, and performance. They are the three essential ingredients to a home that meets our standard of quality.


Innovation meets time-tested principles.

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At a Glance


We are a local company. Every full-time employee is an owner. We believe ownership is the best way to align our team and to give 110% in everything we do. As such, we have a collaborative, driven, team-oriented culture. Combined with our long track record working together, these ingredients enable us to deliver exceptional results on all our projects.

trade partner relationships

We maintain a strong degree of loyalty with our vendors and trade partners. Our team has worked with some of these partners for more than 15 years. This unity has translated into better pricing, higher quality, and faster response times from our trade partners over these last several years, when both build times and build costs have inflated tremendously in our market.

Lean operations

We intentionally keep overhead low by avoiding expensive offices, company trucks, and traditional advertising. We focus on running lean and generating new business organically. We pass the savings from our lower overhead on to our clients.

thought leadership: our dna

In an industry with much competition, we choose to define ourselves through thought leadership. Our affiliate company,, helps to advance the industry through better, more accessible education for builders. We are also passionate about innovation opportunities in areas such as health and wellness, technology, and more.

impact focus

We believe entrepreneurship can empower people to build better lives for themselves and their communities, and we want to help others in that journey. As such, in 2016, Jared Gossett started a non-profit called The Exponentialists, whose mission is to educate and equip underserved youth in Texas and Latin America to harness the power of entrepreneurship for a better future.


In addition to craftsmanship, design, and performance, we offer our clients multiple options to optimize their home for health. Often, homes can be toxic environments due to various building methods and materials used. Our wellness focus not only targets eliminating the bad things that go into homes, but incorporating good things such as enhanced air, water, and lighting systems to promote health.


Simplicity crafted with precision.

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