Quality. Precision. Longevity. We build homes that embody all three. Homes that not just weather the test of time, they transcend it. 




We favor simple, timeless style over fads and fashions. No matter the architecture or aesthetic, all homes can be designed and built to express a form and a function that add beauty and purpose to the space in which they are built.



Looks only matter if there is substance behind them. Our homes blend time-tested construction principles with innovative building science to increase a home's sustainability, comfort, and health.

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Our team of experienced project managers and skilled craftsmen can lead the process from the design phase through completion of construction. We pride ourselves on providing significant value through a combination of superior construction, pricing leverage, and five-star service.

Depending on a project's needs, we can serve in multiple capacities. We often help clients to identify their land, provide feasibility analysis, assemble the project team, and quarterback the project from inception. We are skilled at maximizing value through critical path management, cost/benefit studies, and value engineering. In these regards, we can help guide our clients to the optimal solution.

We have developed an expertise in optimizing air, lighting, water, and a building's environment for enhanced health. Whether you are raising a young family or passionate about wellness, we can recommend and design systems for improved mental and physical performance for everyone in your home.


Build beautiful, high-performance homes that stand the test of time.

Homes that add to the community and to the happiness and health of their inhabitants. We maintain an unrelenting focus on craftsmanship, design, and performance for every home we build.


This is a fundamental view of the world. It says that when you build a thing you cannot merely build that thing in isolation, but must repair the world around it, and within it, so that the larger world at that one place becomes more coherent, and more whole; and the thing which you make takes its place in the web of nature, as you make it.
— Christopher Alexander, The Timeless Way of Building