The builder has fiscal responsibility as the liaison between the client’s funds and the payments to all vendors and trade partners. Without tight accounting controls and formalized procedures, a builder can inadvertently mismanage a client’s funds. For this reason, it is important to select a builder with rigorous controls in place.

02. pre-construction focus

One of our early mentors in the business said you must build the home on paper seven times before you ever build it in the field. The point was that the pre-construction phase may be the most critical of all because it is often overlooked, yet it’s where the most significant savings can be discovered, where mistakes can be caught in advance, and where the optimal plan for the field can be established.


Work is usually performed by the trade partners, but must be closely monitored and overseen by the builder. The quality of the trade partners is paramount to ensuring top quality on a project. Additionally, very detailed scopes of work produced by the builder for his trade partners are of paramount importance.


There are many parties that play a role in the building process... the client, architect, engineers, trade partners, etc. With so many people, some of whom have different goals, the need for precise communication grows exponentially. This is perhaps the most common area where issues can arise if not properly managed.


Construction of a home requires the knowledge and understanding of dozens of subject matters...various materials, design trends, building codes, building science, construction methods, and job safety, just to name a few. This requires a constant dedication to learning and bolstering one’s understanding of the craft.


While the builder is not usually the lead designer, there are unavoidable instances during the construction process where a strong understanding of design principles will help the builder make a decision in the field, communicate an idea to the client, or interface better with the architect or interior designer.

our team


lindsay davis, director of finance, co-owner

Lindsay manages company and project finances. She is responsible for estimating and building project budgets, and for administering those budgets throughout the project. She is an expert with estimating, bidding, and choosing the best designs and selections that work within a budget. She has been in the building industry for 13 years. Lindsay graduated from Texas A&M.


jared gossett, president, co-owner

Jared is responsible for sales, marketing, and business development. On the custom home side, he helps new clients begin their projects as they evaluate the best path forward, and on the development side he leads the acquisition and financing of new project opportunities. Jared also leads our thought leadership platform, buildingoptimal.com. It is a media service designed to help push the building industry forward through better education. Jared has been in the building and development industry for 12 years. He graduated with his Bachelors from Texas Tech University and his Masters from The Ohio State University.


brian winburne, director of construction, co-owner

Brian manages the entire construction process, from ensuring we have a solid pre-construction game plan to hiring the trade partners and ensuring we work in concert to produce an excellent finished product. He develops great relationships with our clients and our trade partners, and has a strong ability to solve complex problems and manage projects in the most effective manner possible. For this reason, Brian won the Austin Home Builder’s Association 2015 Construction Manager of the Year. He has almost 30 years of home building experience. Brian graduated from Texas State University.